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Racer Info :: Track Rental




LATE MODELS $75 an hour per car and driver
LATE MODEL STREET STOCKS/LEGENDS $50 an hour per car and driver
SUPER STOCK/MINI STOCKS $35 an hour per car and driver

HORNETS/BTP/BOMBERS/PURE STOCKS $25 an hour per car and driver


Tires & Fuel / Track Rental: TOM POLLOCK 360-518-4470/JOHN RAY 509-949-9806

Fees must be paid before entering the track.

  1. Anyone entering the pit area must sign the release form.
  2. Track will not be rented if a track representative is not in attendance.
  3. Renters (CAR OWNER/DRIVER) are responsible for anyone coming onto the track.
  4. If anyone enters the pit area without signing the release form, the test session will be terminated and no refund will be given.
  5. Renter must make sure the back pit gate and grandstand gate is either locked or has a person guarding the gate.
  6. No alcohol in the pit area.
  7. No street vehicles are allowed on the track at any time.

Yakima Speedway wants our facility to be used to its fullest extent and in order to do so, all rules must be followed and all fees paid.  As racing is a dangerous sport, Yakima Speedway must do everything possible to limit its liability, while maintaining a venue that is financially sound and continues to offer access on non-racing dates.

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