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Racer Info :: Rules & Regulations

  1. Pit speed is 15 mph.Everyone entering the pits must have a paper pit pass and a wristband that proves you signed the release form. The release form holds the speedway, sponsors and officials not liable.
  2. To enter the pit area you must be a minimum of 16 years of age. People between 16 and 18must have a current minor release form signed by one parent or legal guardian)
  3. Yakima Speedway Officials will sell pit passes.
  4. Drivers: Racing uniforms required. No nylon clothing allowed.
  5. No open toed shoes or sandals allowed in pit area.
  6. No personal cars allowed in the pit area.
  7. No pitting on concrete set up pads.
  8. No motorcycles, ATV's, bicycles, etc, in pit area.
  9. When qualifying is not used, all cars must check in with scoring.
  10. Speed limit (on pit road) off the track is 15 mph. (fine or penalty possible)
  11. No testing without permission of racetrack management.
  12. Changes of driver at any time will not be made without advance notification to Track Officials.When the race is in progress, changes must be made in pits only. If a driver change is madeduring a red flag condition, the car must relinquish its position when the red flag is withdrawnand restart at the rear of the field. A driver is ineligible to receive points for a race in which heor she has secured a relief driver for the purpose of enabling the driver to compete in a second race while the first race is still in progress. An eligible driver may drive any qualifiedcar in any event. A driver may get out of one car and drive another, but after driving thesecond car, the driver may not get back into the first car.
  13. One person shall remain with each racecar at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  14. Any racecar leaving the speedway during a racing program must be re-teched.
  15. All engine changes/replacements must be approved by the tech BEFORE starting work.
  16. All parts, tires, etc, must be removed from the speedway the day of the event.Car numbers must be on all tires and wheels.
  17. Waste oil must be placed in barrels. Minimum fine of $200.00
  18. No foil numbers. Cars without visible numbers will not be scored.
  19. All cars must have windshields. An 8" number must be in UPPER RIGHT CORNERrequired for demos.)
  20. Drivers wishing to start in the back of any event must notify the pit steward before the carsline up for their event.
  21. Once the car is in the line-up (pit area and track surface) working on the car is prohibited,except adding air to the tires.
  22. Rookies may be asked start at the back of all events for a minimum of two weeks (officialsdiscretion). Rookies must have yellow tape on the rear bumper. (Does not apply to demos.)
  23. All cars must take a cool down lap at the conclusion of a racing event. Penalty is a loss ofrace - PENALTY OR FINE. Does not apply to demos.

Running and Driving Rules

  1. The Chief Steward/Race Director will be the sole authority in the pits with regards to the runningof the races. The Chief Steward and the Starter-Flagman will be in charge of on-track     competition. The Chief Steward will handle all protests.
  2. The Start-Flagman will be in charge of competition on the racetrack but will also be in voicecontact with the Chief Steward and other officials.
  3. Officials will establish the race event procedures, starting positions, length, frequency andadministration of all events and programs. When their decision is rendered, that decision will befinal and binding.
  4. The driver or registered car owner must direct any complaints, disputes, questions or problemsto the Pit Steward.
  5. When asked to remove a part or tear down for tech inspection and you refuse; you are subjectto a fine, disqualification and/or suspension.
  6. The driver or registered car owner must submit any protest to officials' decision in writing.The Protests must be given to the Pit Steward or the Chief Steward within 15 minutes of the  official decision being levied. Only the driver or registered car owner in the same class, andcompeting in the same race, may submit a protest.
  8. Any driver stopping on the front stretch to argue with an official, in regards to an official'sdecision, will be automatically disqualified from the event.
  9. Any driver or crewmember that is injured or involved in an accident must submit to a check bythe medical attendants. Any driver involved in a serious accident will not enter or re-enter arace until the officials and medical attendants give their approval. Medical transportation fromthe racetrack to hospital is the driver's responsibility.
  10. The driver's meeting is mandatory. Driver and crew chief must attend.
  11. Permission must be obtained from the starter or chief steward before any practice or safetylaps are taken, other than the designated practice time.
  12. Any unauthorized persons entering onto the racing surface during race conditions will result ina disqualification, penalty, fine or suspension, to the person and affiliated driver.
  13. Any competitor or crewmember that has a pit band, partakes of any alcoholic beverage,stimulating depressants, or tranquilizing drugs or is otherwise under the influence will result indisqualification and a minimum fine of $500.00 along with a suspension. Other than spotters,any person going into the stands or associated area must relinquish their wristband.
  14. Any competitor or crew member who participated in a fight in the pits or on the race track oron the premises will result in a minimum of $500.00 fine, suspension, and/or loss of pointsand positions in the event.
  15. Any competing car whose speed has been reduced to the point where it could cause a safetyproblem may be removed from the racing surface at the option of the officials.
  16. Time trials may consist of a warm-up lap or laps; and one or two consecutive timed laps.If you pit after one timed lap, you will not be permitted to re-time. If you do not time in withyour class, you may be required to start at the back of the slow heat and slow main event.
  17. Any car continuously unable to start under its own power may be liable for a penalty ordisqualification from the event or from the complete program.
  18. Any driver or crew that does not take their car to the line-up grid, when requested to by theofficials, may be required to start at the back of the line-up for that event.
  19. If a car is under powered on the track, when racing is in progress, the driver must stay in thecar with seat belts fastened until the race is stopped, except in case of a fire or rollover.Failure to comply may result in penalty, disqualification and/or suspension.
  20. No racecars will be allowed on the track until the track has been opened for official practice orracing.  All cars must pass a safety inspection before entering the racing surface for the firsttime each race day.
  21. No person shall be permitted to ride on the outside of a racecar or any other vehicle at anytime.
  22. No speeding in the pits. You must use caution while driving in the pit area or you will besubject to a fine or suspension. No donuts, burn outs, etc, allowed in the pits. We need tokeep the pit area safe for drivers and all others.
  23. YELLOW FLAG- When the track goes yellow, whether it is a yellow flag or yellow light, youwill slow down and maintain your position. If you are unsure what position you are in, pull upbeside the driver in question and wait for a track official to direct you to you're proper restartposition. If you are involved in an incident you will blend into the pack and where you crossthe start/finish line is where you will be lined up by scoring, unless the driver is penalized, thusresulting in going to the back of the field or being black-flagged. The race will be extendedbeyond the advertised distance when the race is under caution before the leader completesthe last lap. The race will conclude with a green, white, checkered finish or green and whitetogether then the checkered. All additional laps will be counted and scored.
  24. RED FLAG- Cars must come to a complete, safe stop. Drivers are not allowed to move theircar off the track on a red flag. Drivers may exit the track, only by permission of an official orwhen the track goes to a yellow condition. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a two-lappenalty.
  25. BLACK FLAG - All drivers must obey the black flag, failure to do so will result indisqualification or not scoring the car until the black flag is obeyed. If a driver receives a blackflag for a driving penalty, they will be held for a minimum of one (1) lap. If the penalty comesat the end of the race, a minimum of one (1) lap will be deducted. If you receive a black flagduring green conditions, you must go to re-entry to be accessed your penalty. Two black-flagsin one event will result in a disqualification from that event.
  26. On initial start will be double file stars, with pole position setting the pace. On re-starts, singlefile restarts. All cars must stay in single file with passing only allowed after the green flagcomes out and only allowed on the right side until past the start finish line. If the official doesnot like the start they will then throw the yellow flag, and re-start the race. Drivers on the frontrow of any race, get two chances on the original start. If two starts are waved off, they go tothe back of the pack. Drivers involved in an accident on the start may go to the back of thefield if the officials deem it necessary. When a race is stopped before the completion of onelap, there will be a complete restart, (except any car or cars that caused the yellow or any caror cars that aren't in line for the re-line up). If any car is causing a delay in the start of therace, it will be the flagman or steward's discretion as to the placement of that car.
  27. On the original start of any race, drivers may not pass until they cross the start/finish line/. If adriver does jump the start he will be assessed a one-lap penalty. On a re-start, a driver maynot pass until the green flag is thrown.
  28. Cars not in the line-up when called will lose their starting position.
  29. All cars/drivers must be on the track ready to compete in their event when the pace lap starts,and under no circumstances is a car not in the starting line-up to enter the race after thecompletion of the green flag lap, except cars that have lined up and started the pace laps.
  30. If a car drops out while grided in the pits, the cars will be realigned. If the car drops out whileon the race surface, the affected row will move straight ahead.
  31. When a race is stopped after the completion of one lap, cars will be lined up single file in theorder they were running as they answered the yellow flag. No racing to the yellow, but scoredto the yellow.
  32. A racing event may be stopped at the discretion of the starter or steward at any time theyconsider it dangerous, unsafe to continue or due to time constraints.


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct by drivers will not be tolerated.appropriate penalty will be issued.
  2. Verbal or physical abuse of any official or push truck driver will not be tolerated.Minimum suspension of one (1) week, a fine, or both will be assessed.
  3. Any driver or crewmember entering another pit space to confront someone will receivea minimum suspension of one (1) week, a fine, or both.
  4. Yakima Speedway Regulations may be changed during the season.
  5. Any illegal parts impounded will not be returned.
  6. No riding on trailers, racecars, or tow vehicles.
  7. All added lead must display the car number. Lead lost during the race may result in a penalty.
  8. All vehicles must remain in their pit stalls until the completion of trophies for the last event.
  9. No alcohol or drugs pit area at any time.
  10. You have 15 minutes from the time of posting to protest scoring.Protests must be received in writing from the driver or car owner and accompanied with$200.00 protest fee. Engine or chassis protests must be presented to the race director, IN       WRITING within 15 minutes of the finish of the race. Protests must name the specific items tobe teched and must be accompanied with $200.00 cash protest fee per item protested.If the officials accept the protest, an inspection will follow. If the person protesting prevails,the money is returned to them. If the protested party prevails, the protest money becomestheirs. Only drivers, car owners or crew chiefs of cars involved in the same race can protest.
  11. No obscene message of any kind will be allowed on racecars.
  12. Anyone injured at the Speedway must check in with our medical staff before leaving thegrounds to seek medical treatment. If you don't feel well after leaving the racetrack, consultyour physician immediately!!
  13. No barbecues or open flame containers for cooking.
  14. No firearms allowed at the Speedway .
  15. No pets allowed at the Speedway .
  16. No glass containers allowed.
  17. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their owner and crew.


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