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September 05, 2011



September 4, 2011(Yakima Speedway, ASA Member Track, Yakima WA) – Yakima Speedway hosted the Labor Day Spectacular presented by Akland Pump & Irrigation Sunday afternoon. Owen Riddle won the Akland 100 in the Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series. Lucas Valdez captured his first main event win in the Burger Ranch Sportsman Series.


Fourteen of the best Super late Model drivers made an appearance Sunday for the Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series.  Jeff Knight and Garrett Archer led the field down to take the green flag for the Akland Pump & Irrigation 100. Garrett Archer made it exciting on the first lap when he went high on the back stretch and had to slow down to keep from wrecking. This allowed Travis Bennett, Tayler Riddle, Randy Marshall Jr and Erick Hargraves to pick a groove and battle for second place. With 5 laps down Travis broke away from the group and started to reel in Jeff Knight who had been able to stretch his lead out 15 car lengths from the rest of the field.


On lap 10 the first caution came out when Shane Mitchell and Erick Hargraves got together between turns three and four. Shane Mitchell spun and would have to restart the race in the back of the pack.


While under caution, Pete Harding pulled into the pits but was able to come back out without losing a lap. Erick Hargraves also pulled in to be checked for a possible oil leak and then the track was red flagged for clean up.


On the restart Travis Bennett, Tayler Riddle. JC Wofford, Owen Riddle and Christopher Kalsch all raced hard and passed race leader Jeff Knight that fell back to seventh. Tayler Riddle was racing Travis Bennett hard for the lead but got a little loose and this gave Randy Marshall Jr and Owen Riddle the chance to get underneath him with Owen Riddle claiming the second position right behind Travis Bennett.


Travis and Owen started to race for the lead. Owen was making the pass on the outside coming out of turn two. It appeared that Travis Bennett who was in the inside groove, got a little loose and had to gather the car back up. This stacked up the field behind him collecting Garrett Archer, JC Wofford, Jeff Knight and Pete Harding and brought out the red flag. Although Owen had made the pass for the lead, the caution came out and the field would have to be reset to the last scored lap putting Travis Bennett back in the lead.


Travis Bennett led the field down for the green flag restart followed by Owen Riddle, Randy Marshall Jr, Shane Mitchell, Tayler Riddle and Christopher Kalsch. Travis and Owen broke away from the rest of the pack and a battle for the lead, nose to tail and side by side they would go on for the next 10 laps. Owen finally took the lead and pulled away until another caution came out when JC Wofford, Jeff Knight and Christopher Kalsch would get together.


Owen Riddle had no problem on the restart but the battle for the top five heated up between Travis Bennett, Shane Mitchell, Randy Marshall JR, Tayler Riddle and Mike Holden.


At the half way point Owen Riddle came upon lap traffic, Shane Mitchell had secured 2nd, Travis Bennett was in third, and the race on the track was between Randy Marshall JR, Tayler Riddle, and Mike Holden who had been steadily racing his way to the front.


By lap 90 Owen had lapped the 6th place car and the race was for third place between Travis Bennett and Tayler Riddle but Mike Holden was coming fast and with a few laps to go and looked to have one of the best cars on the track racing for a podium finish.


Owen Riddle went on to win the Akland Pump & Irrigation 100 followed by Shane Mitchell, Mike Holden, Travis Bennett, Tayler Riddle, Erick Hargraves, Christopher Kalsch, Randy Marshall Jr, Jeff Knight, Garrett Archer, JC Wofford, Pete Harding and Jack Mondor.



Rich Peters dominated the Tire Centers Super Stock series winning the A trophy dash, heat race and the main event. Billy Benge and Andy Beaman started on the pole for the 40 lap main event.  Right from the start Rich Peters, Chris Hart and Ben St. Mary charged hard to the front going three wide. By the end of lap three Rich Peters captured the lead followed by Chris Hart and Ben St. Mary. Chris Hart and Ben St. Mary would continue to chase down race leader Rich Peters for the next 37 laps but would not be successful. Rich Peters cruised to the winners circle winning the Tire Centers Super Stock main event followed by Chris Hart, Ben St. Mary, Andy Beaman, Billy Benge and Chuck Roberts.


Facing lap traffic that pulled right in front of him and with Series points leader Buck Noel Jr on his tail Lucas Valdez captured his first main event win in the Burger Ranch Sportsman division. Starting in the third position Lucas Valdez quickly made his way to the front while Buck Noel Jr, Mike Hill and Ron Morton went after him to claim second place.


By lap 12 Lucas Valdez led the first pack of cars including Mike Hill, Ron Morton and Buck Noel Jr. While the second pack of cars was also trying to run them down led Allen Reid, Ken Mullins, Cody Mullins, Don Klang, Eric Zahler and John Rainey. And they were already coming up on lap traffic.


With 10 laps left, Derek Raptcheff spun out on turn four and this would restack the field but all the leaders would be separated by lapped cars. Lucas Valdez led the field down to take the green and the racers on the lead lap were charging hard for position, racing lap cars, going inside and outside trying to gain ground on Lucas Valdez.


 With five laps to go another caution came out that involved Ron Morton, Cody Mullins, John Raney and Eric Zahler. Once again this would give the field an opportunity to gain position.


On the restart Lucas Valdez held on to the lead, while Mike Hill and Buck Noel Jr raced nose to tail, side by side trading paint. Buck Noel Jr earned the position with three laps to go and started to gain ground on Lucas Valdez.


Lucas Valdez was going into the last turn to take the checkered flag when a lap car blocked him. Lucas Valdez would have to back off and Buck Noel Jr who was right on his bumper got right into the back of him causing Lucas Valdez to get a little sideways. Gentleman racer Buck Noel Jr backed off to keep from spinning Lucas Valdez out and they both crossed the finish line claiming First and second place followed by Mike Hill, Ron Morton, and Don Klang.


H & H Furniture Pure Stocks put on an exciting 30 lap main event. Tim Breshears and Chuck Strimiska were on the pole and brought the field down for the green flag. Greg Gargett quickly made his way to the front of the pack joined by Jeff Liebert, Rob Allen, Mike Denton and Chris Richter Jr. All of the racers raced hard changing positions and put on one of the closest main events of the season.


 Jeff Liebert captured the main event win, Greg Gargett finished in Second and Rob Allen third followed by Chris Richter Jr, Mike Denton, Chris Marang, Chris Morrison, Cody Denton, Tim Breshears, and Chuck Strimiska.



Josh Washington claimed another win in a close battle with Joshua Henne in the CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets main event followed by Kyle Wade, Tyler Breshears and Jeff Ball. Joshua Henne won the A trophy dash and his heat race and Keith Erickson won the B trophy dash. Kyle wade raced for the win in the second heat race.


Josh Aguirre won his first Mel’s Diner Bump to pass main event taking the lead on lap 6 and never looking back. Joe Stevens finished in second followed by Wes Heigh, Todd Nunn and Ben Briggs.


Sun Country Inn presents Saturday Night at the races featuring the Burger Ranch Sportsman, H & H Furniture Pure Stocks Season Championship, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass. Gates open at 4pm, opening ceremonies at 6pm side by side racing action to follow. Adults $10.00, 15 and under $5, kids under 5 free with an adult.


SAVE THE DATE, 24th Annual Fall Classic Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd.  Friday practice day open to the public.  More information will be posted soon go to

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