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Riddle & Wofford win at Yakima Speedway

July 24, 2011




July 23, 2011 (Yakima Speedway, ASA Member Track, Yakima WA) - Yakima Speedway hosted the Mid Season Championship Celebration showcasing the Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series, Burger Ranch Sportsman, H & H Furniture Purestocks, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass.


The Super Late Model Challenge series raced a new format which includes two 50 lap main events. Owen Riddle won the first main event and JC Wofford claimed his first main event win in the second race.


In the first 50 lap main event, Christopher Kalsch and Randy Marshall Jr started on the pole with a full field invert. By lap 2 Randy Marshall Jr had taken the lead followed by JC Wofford Mike Longton and Shane Mitchell. JC Wofford passed Marshall for the lead on lap 4 and Shane Harding and Mike Longton followed him through.

By lap 15 Shane Harding who had been battling side by side with Mike Longton for second place spun out coming out of turn 2. This brought out the first caution of the race. On the restart Owen Riddle battled with Mike Longton and passed for second and by lap 20 he made the pass for the lead, JC Wofford moved to second and Shane Harding came from the back of the pack after the caution had worked his way back into 3rd place.

Shane Harding had moved into second place with 20 to go and started to chase down leader Owen Riddle who was 10 car lengths ahead.

Shane was able to close the gap but would not have enough time. Owen Riddle claimed the first main event, Shane Harding Finished in second and JC Wofford in third.

Randy Marshall Jr and JC Wofford started in the pole positions for race #2 for the Super Late Models. On the start Randy Marshall Jr spun the tires coming out of turn four to take the green flag. Owen Riddle had no where to go and was spun into the pit wall causing damage to his car and ending his race for the evening. This restacked the field for a complete restart.

On lap 2 JC Wofford was the race leader and Shane Harding had pulled into the pits. Shane was able to work on his car and came back out on lap 16.

JC Wofford was still leading the race on lap 23 followed by Mike Longton, Christopher Kalsch, Randy Marshall Jr and Tayler Riddle. Shane Harding had worked his way back up through the pack but was too many laps down to make up any ground.  Randy Marshall Jr pulled into the pits on lap 30.

JC Wofford raced and won his first main event in the series followed by Mike Longton, Christopher Kalsch and Tayler Riddle.

The H & H Furniture Purestocks field got off to a rough start when Clayton Mears spun out before the completion of the first lap bringing out the first caution. On the restart Marcus Maggard took the lead followed by Greg Gargett and Rob Allen. Marcus Maggard and Greg Gargett raced side by side for the next 14 laps but Greg Gargett got loose coming out of turn 4 and Marcus Maggard kept the lead. With 5 laps to go the next yellow flag came out when Daniel Coble spun out. Sadly the race leader Marcus Maggard pulled into the pits with car failure relinquishing the lead to Greg Gargett. On the restart Rob Allen was able to get under Greg Gargett going into turn two and became the new race leader. Greg Gargett charged hard for the rest of the race but was not able to pass. Rob Allen went on to win the main event. Greg Gargett finished in second and Mike Denton finished in third.

In the Burger Ranch Sportsman main event Don Klang and Ron Morton started on the pole. Mike Hill was the car on the move and had moved 5 positions by the completion of lap 2 into 4th place. Point’s leader Buck Noel Jr joined the battle between Darrell Tidrick and Mike Hill for third by lap 7. With 10 laps down Don Klang was the race leader but was already lapping cars. Darrell Tidrick made the pass coming out of turn 4 going three wide and was able to take the lead. The first caution came out when Kyler Conduff spun between turns three and four.

On the restart Mike Hill and Buck Noel were both able to get under Don Klang and had moved into second and third position. John Raney and Terry Cook both had passed Don Klang by lap 22 moving into 4th and 5th place.

Caution came out on lap 23 restacking the field led by Darrell Tidrick, Mike Hill, Buck Noel Jr, John Raney, Terry Cook, Don Klang, Ron Morton and Lucas Valdez. Mike Hill started to put the pressure on Darrell Tidrick and was trying to pass when another yellow flag flew. On the restart Mike Hill was racing on the outside of Darrell Tidrick trying to get the lead but fell back and was passed by Buck Noel Jr who had claimed second. With one lap to go  Mike Hill spun out but collected the car back keeping a caution flag from coming out. Darrell Tidrick went on to win the main event followed by Buck Noel Jr, John Raney and Lucas Valdez.

Brett Connell and Troy Place started on the pole in the CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornet race. On lap 5 season points leader Josh Washington came into the pits with a flat tire. By lap 10 James Norman had raced into the lead followed by George Jankowickz and Joshua Henne. The first caution came out when Troy Place lost power. On the restart Jeff Ball was the car on the move and with one lap to go was racing for a podium finish. No one would be able to catch James Norman and he went on to win his first main event of the season followed by Jeff Ball and Joshua Henne.

Donnie Stevens was the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass winner, Josh Aguirre finished in second and Peppie Rojas in third. Peppie Rojas won the A Dash, Brandon Cooper won the B Dash and the first heat race and Josh Aguirre the second heat race.

Next race will be August 6th at Yakima Speedway featuring the Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series, Burger Ranch Sportsman, H & H Furniture Purestocks, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass. For more information please visit www.yakimaspeedway.


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