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Yakima Speedway Changes LMS Format

July 13, 2011



July 13, 2011 (Yakima Speedway, Yakima WA, an ASA Member Track) - Yakima Speedway and staff are proud to announce a change in the format for the Yakima Speedway Late Model Challenge Series for the remainder of the 2011 season. Due to the economy, Yakima Speedway management understands that a change needed to be made to make the races more profitable for the racers and more exciting for the fans.

The new format will still include 100 laps however they will be ran in two different segments and have two different purses. Each race will be 50 laps and the purse breakdown will be as follows:

1st Place     $1500.00

2nd Place     $500.00

3rd Place     $300.00

4th Place     $250.00

5th Place    $200.00

6th Place on down $150.00

Plus an additional bonus of $250.00 if a driver wins both races. This gives the drivers an opportunity to win $3250.00 a night!

Points will be awarded for each 50 lap race separately.

Each team will be allowed only one set of tires to be used in both races. Tires may however be moved on the car as long as the original 4 tires are used in both races.

There will be no additional fees for inspection or scoring.

The new format will be in affect Saturday July 23rd when Yakima Speedway will be hosting the Mid-Season Championship Celebration and Fan Appreciation Night featuring Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series, Burger Ranch Sportsman, H & H Furniture Purestocks, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets and Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass.  Ticket books are still available for this event, Books of 25 ea. for $50.00. To purchase your tickets, please contact


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