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Randy Marshall Jr Wins Tire Centers Super Stocks Main Event

June 18, 2011



June 18th 2011 (Yakima Speedway, ASA Member Track, Yakima WA) - Yakima Speedway hosted Saturday night at the races. The Event included the Tire Centers Super Stocks, H & H Furniture Purestocks, EZ Credit Auto Sales & CWI Security Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass. Yakima Speedway Super Late Model driver Randy Marshall Jr claimed the win in the Tire Centers Super Stock main event driving for Car Owner Gary Polson.


Ben St. Mary and Chuck Roberts started on the pole in the Tire Centers Super Stock main event. On the first lap Chuck Roberts got a left rear flat and spun going into turn three. He was able to get a quick change and rejoin the field for a total restart. Ben St. Mary was leading the race when the first yellow flag flew on lap 5 when Rich Peters and Randy Marshall Jr came together in a racing incident coming out of turn 4.  Randy Marshall Jr was flying on the restart and passed three cars to move into second position followed by Rich Peters, Chuck Roberts and Billy Benge. Randy Marshall Jr claimed the lead by lap 12 and went on to win the race follwed by Ben St.Mary and Rich Peters. (PLEASE NOTE THAT RANDY MARSHALL JR FAILED POST RACE INSPECTION GIVING BEN ST.MARY THE WIN)


Jeff Liebert captured the checkered flag and the win in the H & H Furniture Purestock race. Chris Marang and Joe Estep started on the pole for the 30 lap main event. By the completion of lap one Joe Estep and Jeff Liebert were racing hard side by side and Jeff Liebert would take the lead and start to pull away from the pack. Greg Gargett, who was the fast time qualifier, raced into second spot by lap 5 followed by Joe Estep and Rob Allen.


The top seven cars started to lap the field by lap 10 and all would make it through led by Jeff Liebert, Greg Gargett, Rob Allen, Joe Estep, Chris Marang, Kyle Wade and Tyson Richter. By lap 15 the leaders were all maintaining their position. Greg Gargett started to make up some time on Jeff Liebert when the first caution flew giving the top 4 cars a chance to race for the lead on the restart. Rob Allen used lap traffic and passed Greg Gargett for second position but two laps later a lapped car moved in front of Rob Allen giving Greg Gargett and Joe Estep a chance to race for second. With ½ lap to go, Joe Estep and Greg Gargett raced side by side in turns three and four and down the front stretch to the start finish line both crossing at the same time with Joe Estep crossing inches before Greg Gargett to claim the third place podium position.


Josh Washington won his 5th main event of the year, set fast time and won the A Trophy dash in the CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornet Main event. Tyler Breshears finished in second and Joshua Henne in third. Ron Pepper won the B Trophy Dash and Jeff Ball the Heat Race win.


Donnie Stevens won the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass main event and the A trophy dash followed by Joe Stevens and Wes Heigh. Joe Stevens set fast time and Ben Briggs won the B Trophy dash.

Yakima Speedway will be hosting the 4th of July Spectacular weekend. July 2 - Yakima Speedway Super Late Models, Burger Ranch Sportsman, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets, Youth Hornets and Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass- Adults $13 Seniors & Students $11 Kids $5 (Under 5 are free) July 3- Washington Street Stock Challenge also featuring West Coast Promoters Street Stock Series, H & H Furniture Purestocks, Hornet Challenge FOR CASH- Adults $13 Seniors & Students $11 Kids 5 (Under 5 free) July 4- Demo Derby over 20 cars $1250.00 TO WIN, Compact Car Derby & CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets- Adults $13 Seniors & Students $11 Kids $5 (Under 5 free)


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