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May 07, 2011


May 7, 2011 (Yakima Speedway, ASA Member Track, Yakima WA) - Yakima Speedway hosted Saturday night at the races presented by Better All Auto Sales. The Event included the Yakima Speedway Super Late Models, Northwest Pro 4 Trucks, H & H Pure Stocks, EZ Credit Auto Sales & CWI Security Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass. Owen Riddle captured the main event win on a night when track records were set and broken with a fast time of 18.450 by Moxee’s Mike Longton.

Josh Washington has been unbeatable this season and again came out Saturday night with a mission to win. He kicked off the evening’s events capturing fast time, the A Trophy Dash and the heat race. Julie Melville started on the inside pole with Jesse Eaton on the outside and they raced lap by lap side by side followed by Joshua Henne and Josh Washington. On Lap 7 the leaders were going into turn one and Josh Washington made it three wide to pass them both and take the lead leaving the rest of the pack to race each other. As Josh Washington and Jesse Eaton pulled away from the rest of the pack Julie Melville, Joshua Henne and George Jankowics battled for the rest of the podium positions. Josh Washington claimed another main event win followed by Jesse Eaton and George Jankowics.


The H & H Furniture Pure Stocks pole sitter Joe Estep brought down the field to take the green flag and the race was on. The first caution came out on lap three when Chris Richter Jr spun out collecting Chris Marang. Chris Richter Jr was able to continue and rejoined the race at the back of the pack. Chris Marang had to enter the pits for a tire change but also was able to continue. Driver Greg Gargett who set fast time was the car on the move on the restart along with Rob Allen. Both drivers both made the pass on Joe Estep and raced side by side for the next three laps. Greg Gargett took the lead followed by Rob Allen, Joe Estep and rookie Clay Mears. By lap thirteen the leaders were lapping the pack using lap traffic to pass for position. With 3 laps to go Joe Estep, Rob Allen and Clay Mears were racing for second place. Greg Gargett went on to finish first followed by Rob Allen, Joe Estep and Clay Mears.


Northwest Pro 4 Truck Series made their first appearance at Yakima Speedway and put on an exciting show that showcased multiple cautions, side by side racing and three wide passes. Doug Wilkinson set fast time. Jeff Hector won the A Trophy Dash and Ty Tipps won the B Trophy Dash. Pole sitters Adam Morris and Ty Tipps led the field down for the green flag followed by Jerry Buell and Bobby Baker. Jerry Buell was in the lead by lap two and Jeff Hector was looking to make a pass when the truck of Adam Morris spun coming out of turn four doing a complete 360 bringing out the first caution of the race. On the restart the trucks of Jerry Buell, Terry Warren and Jeff Hector raced each other side by side and three wide. Jeff Hector gained the lead but got a flat tire and spun out in front of the pack bringing out the second yellow of the race. On the restart Jeff Hector and Jerry Buell both got a jump start on the rest of the pack and started to steadily distance themselves from the field. At the half way point Jeff Hector was still in the lead followed by JR Kelley, Jerry Buell and Ty Tipps. On the last lap JR Kelley lost power and was passed by Jerry Buell who finished in second and Ty Tipps rounded off the podium with a third place finish.


Yakima Speedway Super Late Models featured the fastest cars from the Northwest. In Qualifying past winner and Northwest Tour champion Jeff Jefferson shattered track record but it would not last for long as Moxee’s Mike Longton would then go out to set a new track record with a fast 18.450. In the main event Owen Riddle and Erick Hargraves led the field down to take the green. Owen raced to the early lead followed by Jeff Jefferson, Erick Hargraves, Mike Longton, Taylor Riddle, Randy Marshall Jr, Christopher Kalsch and 16 year old Rookie Garrett Archer who won the B Trophy Dash. On lap 10 Erick Hargraves and Mike Longton came together on the front stretch, Mike Longton kept control of the car but would lose several positions and then have to go into the pits for repairs and was able to come back out on lap 56.


By lap 20 Owen Riddle and Jeff Jefferson had pulled away from third place car of Randy Marshall Jr. Tayler Riddle and Erick Hargraves raced side by side for the fourth spot for the next five laps with Erick Hargraves securing the position by lap 27. While the leaders were racing for position, third place Randy Marshall Jr started to catch the second place car of Jeff Jefferson and the top three were ½ a lap ahead of Erick Hargraves and Tayler Riddle who were still battling for the fourth place. The top three continued to race nose to tail, lap after lap until the first caution came out on lap 65 when Mike Longton who had just rejoined the race spun Erick Hargraves out. Both cars were done for the evening and finished the night in the pits.


On the restart it was back to business with exciting racing. Owen Riddle, Jeff Jefferson, Randy Marshall Jr and Tayler Riddle all racing for the 100 lap main event win. Jeff Jefferson made several attempts to pass Owen Riddle with Randy Marshall Jr close behind. On lap 85 Randy Marshall Jr got under the 2nd place car of Jeff Jefferson and began to chase race leader Owen Riddle down. With several laps to go Randy Marshall Jr made several attempts to pass Owen Riddle but would not succeed. Owen Riddle went on to win the Better All Auto Sales Main Event followed by Randy Marshall Jr, Jeff Jefferson, Tayler Riddle, Garret Archer and Christopher Kalsch.


The last race of the evening featured the Wild and Crazy Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass class. Ben Briggs took the early lead followed by Wes Heigh and Peppie Rojas. Josh Parmentier was spun on the front stretch but was able to keep the car going on lap 3. The first caution came out when Peppie Rojas lost a tire and went into the pits. The father and son team of Joe Stevens and Donnie Stevens started to chase the leader Ben Brigs down passing Wes Heigh three wide and spinning him out on the front stretch which would bring out the second yellow flag and set the field up for a 6 lap shootout. By lap 10 race leaders were Ben Briggs, Joe Stevens, Donnie Stevens, Mark Belair, Mike Parmentier, Dennis Clouse and Todd Nunn. Joe Stevens took the lead on the restart and son Donnie Stevens followed close behind and the two went on to finish first and second with Mark Belair rounding off the top three.



Yakima Speedway will host the Tire Centers Super Streets, Burger Ranch Sportsman, CWI Security & EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets, Youth Hornets and the Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass on May 14th. For more information go to

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