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September 27, 2010



September 25th, 2010 (Yakima Speedway, ASA Member Track, Yakima WA) - Owen Riddle claimed the Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series Championship Saturday Night at Yakima Speedway and won his 6th main event of the 2010 season. This is a back to back championship for the team who will take home $8000.00 in prize money sponsored by local businesses.


“This championship means so much to me and our team. This new series brought out the best drivers and competitors so we knew each and every week we had to be prepared and fight for every win. We knew that we had to be the best to beat the best and this championship is a result of all of our hard work and dedication and it means so much to me, my team, my family, friends and fans.”


Owen Riddle’s strategy was to race to win every event. With 6 wins, 9 top fives, and 10 top ten finishes his strategy paid off. Early in the season he pulled away in the points lead and never looked back. Erick Hargraves finished the season in second place followed by Ron Bemis, Mike Longton and Tayler Riddle.


The Yakima Speedway Super Late Model Challenge Series division was created this year by local business owner, sponsor, and race enthusiast Doug Bettarel and track promoter Ted Pollock. Eleven events were scheduled and local businesses sponsored prize money for a total of $30,000. To be eligible drivers had to compete in 8 of the 11 events. Without the support of Better All Auto Sales, Better Haul Auto Transport, Don Riddle Excavation, Nob Hill Auto Sales, Mike Olson Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Yakima Implement, Yakima Speedway and First Class Auto Sales this series would not be possible.


In Saturday’s First Class Auto Sales Super Late Model main event, Jason Fraser set fast time with a time of 18.853. Mike Zamora won the B trophy Dash and Mike Longton won the A trophy dash.  A six car invert put Randy Marshall Jr. on the pole for the 100 lap First Class Auto Sales feature event. In the early part of the race Erick Hargraves would gain the lead and Mike Longton passed Randy Marshall for second. Erick Hargraves and Mike Longton battled several laps side by side until lap 7 when they both were going into turn two, made contact and Erick Hargraves would spin off the track and bring out the first caution of the race. On the restart Mike Longton started to build his lead while Mike Zamora, Randy Marshall Jr., Owen Riddle and Jason Fraser would battle it out for the top five positions. On lap 20 Rookie of the year contender Tayler Riddle spun off the backstretch bringing out another caution. By Lap 25 Owen Riddle had moved into second place and Kelly Mann, who started in 10th, had raced his way into 6th.  Over the next 30 laps 5 more cautions would come out, leaders would fall off the pace and several cars would have flat tires to contend with.  Kelly Mann raced into second place by lap 68 and Tayler Riddle, who went to the back after his caution on lap 20, had worked his way up to 4th. Mike Zamora, who ran in the front the whole evening, had to pull into the pits on lap 76 but would make changes to the car and come back out 10 laps later and finish the race.

Tayler Riddle finished in third and earned the Rookie of the Year title, Kelly Mann finished second and Owen Riddle won the main event and the $1000.00 Bonus sponsored by First Class Auto Sales.


Clay Mears was crowned champion in the Sea Galley Youth Hornet Division, set fast time and finished third in Saturday’s main event behind Ryan Trujillo who finished second and Tyler Thorndike who raced for the main event win. Tra Anderson won the A Trophy Dash and Taylor Perrault took home the trophy in the B Dash. The Youth Hornets feature development drivers that are 14 & 15 years old and Saturday Nights race showed just how ready many of these drivers are to move into the next level of competition.


The Mel’s Diner Bump To Pass division has been the fan favorite all season entertaining fans with the spins, wrecks, speed and smoke. Allen Reid and Donnie Stevens were tied going into Saturdays events, but Donnie would earn 2 points in qualifying when he set a fast time of 17.365. Wes Heigh and Ben Briggs started on the pole positions and both got out to a quick start. The entire crowd was on their feet watching Allen Reid and Donnie Stevens who didn’t disappoint passing other cars, making bold moves and racing side by side for 15 laps. Cody Denton would go on to win the main event, Allen Reid finished in second and Donnie Stevens in third which would again tie the two for the championship. Yakima Speedway scoring reviewed all of the wins for each driver to break the tie. With 5 main event wins this season the championship was awarded to Donnie Stevens.


Yakima Speedway also hosted a 25 lap $200.00 Hornet Dash for Cash Sponsored by Atomic Screen printing and Yakima Speedway. 2010 Season Champion Greg Gargett won fast time with a 16.904, won his heat race and the A Trophy Dash. Julie Melville won the B Trophy Dash and Jeff Ball the second heat race.  Nathan Voyles and Robert Patton were on the pole. By lap 5 the first caution would fly and Greg Gargett who had started in the 13th spot had already moved into the second position. By lap 18 Greg Gargett was still leading the race, Jeff Ball had moved into second and Dave Petersen into third and the three would continue to hold on to the top three podium positions.


Next week Yakima Speedway hosts the Grand Daddy of them all the 23rd Annual Fall Classic October 2nd and 3rd. Friday gates are open to the public to watch practice and tickets can be pre-purchased for the weekend’s events. Saturday gates open at 11:00; opening ceremonies are at 1:00. Saturday will feature trophy dashes, qualifying heats and the Pro 4 Late Model Touring series season championship. Sunday will feature Hobby Stock, Street Stock and the 200 lap Super Late Model Main event. For more information go to



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