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Fall Classic 2013

October 07, 2013

Hayley wins 26th Annual Yakima Speedway Fall Classic YAKIMA, Wash. (October 6, 2013)-Cameron Hayley passed Garrett Evans and Owen Riddle with six laps to left Yakima Speedway season finale en route to the victory in the 26th Annual Fall Classic as the Calgary, Alberta native became the youngest winner of the race.
Hayley took the lead just after the night's final restart at lap 196 as Evans left the bottom lane open and the race winner took advantage of the opportunity for the top spot over the final four circuits.
"Jeff Jefferson (Hayley's crew chief) gave me a great car tonight and I can't thank him and his brother Jason for all their help. It's their home track and I just believed in what he built in this Cabinets by Hayley Ford Fusion to help us get the win," Hayley said.
Riddle stayed within the top-5 throughout the night and bounced back from his 2012 Fall Classic disappointments for the podium position.
Tayler Riddle and Mike Longton rounded out the top-5.
Rich Peters struggled with his West Coast Street Stock Series Monte Carlo for much of the weekend but when the green dropped for the 75-lap the eventual race winner showed he'd found something to compete with the series regulars.
Peters led much of the afternoon, fell back on a restart in the late stages then rallied back to the front to pass Andy Stibal and held off a hard charging Bryon Goetz for the victory.
Robbie Miller and Josh Ingram finished fourth and fifth place respectively.
Jason Huffines scored an emotional victory in the Hobby Sportsman division one day after the funeral services for his father Waylon. Marching around Buck Noel Jr. in the late going, Huffines held off the race's runner-up over the final three laps for the win after 50 circuits around the famed half-mile.
Brian Pepper, Zack Washington and Kyle Wade closed out the top-5 running order.
Racing resumes at Yakima Speedway, an ASA (American Speed Association) sanctioned racing facility, in April of 2014 with the running of the traditional season-opening Apple Cup. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or follow along on the tracks' Facebook page.
Yakima Speedway Fall Classic Late Model Unofficial Finish- 1) Cameron Hayley 2) Garrett Evans 3) Owen Riddle 4) Tayler Riddle 5) Mike Longton 6) Tyler Tanner 7) Dave Garber 8) Wade Bland 9) Agni Howell 10) Dan Obrist 11) Christopher Kalsch 12) Brian LeVant 13) Chris Cunningham 14) Peter Link 15) Naima Lang 16) Tim Sawyer 17) John Zaretzke 18) Garrett Sisk 19) Donny Wanat 20) Shane Mitchell 21) Mitch Kleyn 22) Chad Hinkle 23) Randy Marshall Jr. 24) Dave Hemrich 25) Erick Hargraves 26) Andy Sole 27) Molly Helmuth 28) Austin Hoye 29) Lucas Valdez 30) Kelly Mann 31) Mel Patnode
West Coast Street Stock Series Main Event Results 1) Rich Peters 2) Bryon Goetz 3) Andy Stibal 4) Robbie Miller 5) Josh Ingram 6) Trucker Moore 7) Kim Wennerberg 8) Andy Beaman 9) Roger Drake 10) Bill Rutherford 11) Todd Connell 12) Buck Noel Jr. 13) Eric Lee 14) Jeff Eastabrook 15) Richard Kerr 16) Chris Schlaht 17) Cody Denton 18) Randy Pugh 19) Ron Stewart 20) Dan Nelson 21) Robert Mears 22) Chad Ayres 23) Carl Davidson 24) Doug Poirer 25) Casey Merrill 26) Dave Lund
Hobby Sportsman Main Event Results- 1) Jason Huffines 2) Buck Noel Jr. 3) Brian Pepper 4) Zack Washington 5) Kyle Wade 6) Terry Cook 7) Reesen Tarr 8) Morgan Morrison 9) Chris Marang 10) Terry Taylor 11) Cody Denton 12) Chris Richter Jr. 13) Mike Denton 14) Tony Huffines 15) Jeff Sisk 16) Terry Osborn 17) Chris Morrison 18) Randy Hitchcock 19) Trever Flora

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