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Anderson scores third consecutive victory at Yakima Speedway

August 10, 2013

Anderson scores third consecutive victory at Yakima Speedway

YAKIMA, Wash. (July 26, 2013)-Jack Anderson continued his stellar season at Yakima Speedway in the Pure Stock division as the veteran driver picked up his third consecutive main event victory on Saturday night.

Anderson, who started the night with a win in the B Trophy dash, then went on to a dominant performance in the feature en route to the victory over Rob Allen.

Chris Marang, who earned a top-5 finish on the night, continues to lead the division's points standings with Mike Denton and Rob Allen rounding out the top-3.

Kyle Wade took advantage of a full field invert which put fast time winner Jeff Ball and the tail of the field for the Hornet division main event. Wade worked traffic to his advantage and bested Tim Edris for the win with Ball coming home in third place.

Ball continues to lead Cody Allen in the chase for the 2013 Hornet championship with James Norman holding down the third place position in the standings.

Julie McAlpin thrilled the crowd with her strong run in the Bump to Pass class as she picked up the victory over determined Joe Stevens with Todd Nunn, Tacoda Rojas and championship points leader Kellie Zacharias rounding out the top-5.

McAlpin took the lead on lap 10 and never looked back despite the pressure from Stevens towards the end of the main event. Saturday's race marked McAlpin's second start of the season at Yakima Speedway.

Buck Noel Jr. picked up another main event victory at Yakima Speedway as the Hobby Sportsman driver made quick work of the field as he and fast time winner Kyler Conduff worked traffic from the back of the pack based on the invert en route to claiming the top spots at the finish.

Points leader Morgan Morrison, Trever Flora and Don Klang rounded out the top-5.

Also scoring main event victories at Yakima Speedway on Saturday night were Mick Valcich (Mini Stocks), Dixon Helgeson (Vintage Racers) and Paul Field Jr. (Vintage Modifieds).

Racing returns to Yakima Speedway, an ASA (American Speed Association) sanctioned racing facility, on Aug. 17 with an action in the Late Model Sportsman, Hobby Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets & Bump To Pass divisions. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or follow along on the tracks' Facebook page.

Yakima Speedway August 3, 2013 Results-

Hornets: Fast Time Jeff Ball 17.263

A Dash: Cody Denton, Kyle Wade, Jeff Ball, Robert Patton

B Dash: Casey Chambers, John Fortenberry, Tim Edris, Daniel Morfin, Nathan Voyles

C Dash: Andy Stewart, Bobby A Trujillo, Eric Coble, Cody Allen

Main Event: Kyle Wade, Tim Edris, Jeff Ball, Casey Chambers, Cody Denton, John Fortenberry, Robert Patton, Nathan Voyles, Andy Stewart, Eric Coble, Cody Allen, Daniel Morfin, Bobby A Trujillo

Bump To Pass: Fast Time Peppie Rojas 16.958

A Dash: Peppie Rojas, Joe Stevens, Julie McAlpin, Kellie Zacharias

B Dash: Tacoda Rojas, James Butler, Jack Griffin, Daniel Eddings, Todd Nunn

Main Event: Julie McAlpin, Joe Stevens, Todd Nunn, Tacoda Rojas, Kellie Zacharias, James Butler, Daniel Eddings, Peppie Rojas

Mini Stocks: Fast Time Mike Valcich 24.382 New Track Record

Dash: Mike Valcich, Joshua Henne, Josh Parmentier, Owen Berglund, Nathan Voyles

Main Event: Mike Valcich, Josh Parmentier, Joshua Henne, Owen Berglund

Pure Stocks: Fast Time Mike Denton 23.758

A Dash: Mike Denton, Chris Marang, Rob Allen

B Dash: Jack Anderson, Derek Raptcheff, Vernon Marqheim

Main Event: Jack Anderson, Rob Allen, Mike Denton, Chris Marang, Derek Raptcheff

Hobby Sportsman: Fast Time Kyler Conduff 23.166

A Dash: Mike Hill, Kyler COnduff, Buck Noel Jr, Morgan Morrison,

B Dash: Cody Denton, Chris Morrison, Trever Flora

Main Event: Buck Noel Jr, Kyler Conduff, Morgan Morrison, Trever Flora, Don Klang, Chris Morrison, Cody Denton, Mike Hill

West Coast Vintage Racers

Dash: Joe Davitt, Dixon Helgeson, Marv Price, Al Slinker

Main Event: Dixon Helgeson, Marv Price, Joe Davitt, Guy Delgarno, Al Slinker, Randy Slinker

Vintage Modifieds: Fast Time Paul Field Jr 21.831

A Dash: Mike Clother, Jeff Peterson, Paul Field Jr, John Mustered

B Dash: Robert Rux, Charlie West Jr, Dave Trapp

Main Event: Paul Field Jr, Jeff Peterson, Robert Rux, John Mustered, Mike Clother, Charlie West Jr, Dave Trapp

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