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Noel, Ball, Valcich, Tidrick and Marang score at Yakima Speedway

June 24, 2013

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Noel, Ball, Valcich, Tidrick and Marang score victories at Yakima Speedway

YAKIMA, Wash. (June 22, 2013)-Buck Noel Jr., a regular at Yakima Speedway for many seasons in the Sportsman division before making the jump to the West Coast Street Series where he leads the Rookie of the Year standings, returned to his hometrack and made quite a statement in front of the capacity crowd as he stormed to victory.

Noel posted the top qualifying speed in time trials then ran second to Morgan Morrison prior to his dominant performance in the main event. The trophy dash roles were reversed in the main event as Noel motored through the front of the packpassing several cars, including Morrison, to capture the victory. Morrison ran second with Trevor Flora having a strong run for third place as Don Klang and Rick Hitchcock rounded out the top-5.

Jeff Ball had a similar night in his Hornet car as he set fast time, posted a strong finish in the A-Trophy dash then held off James Norman for the main event victory with Bailey Broers, Tim Edris and Robert Patton closing out the top-5 running order.

Joe Stevens had the strong car in the night's main event for the Bump to Pass division as he held off Donnie Stevens and Darrell Tidrick for the victory. Josh Aquirre posted fast time for the evening with Tidrick earning the win in the A-Trophy Dash and Donnie Stevens bringing home the win in the B-Trophy Dash.

Mike Valcich had one of the strongest Mini-Stock's of the night as he set a new track qualifying record in time trials then picked up the win in the A-Trophy Dash. To cap off a sweep of the racing action Valcich stormed to the lead and sailed away to victory over a tough Josh Parmentier with Joshua Henne holding down third place at the checkered flag.

Chris Marang, the defending Pure Stock champion, scored the win in the division's main event as he held off the groups most recent winner, Rob Allen, at the stripe as the pair had a lead over third place Mike Denton.

Mike Hill and Jack Anderson rounded out the top-5 at the finish.

Racing returns to Yakima Speedway, an ASA (American Speed Association) sanctioned racing facility, on July 4 with action in the Hornet, Bump to Pass and Pure Stock divisions. Also, the annual 4th of July Demilition Derby spectacular featuring an 80's car demo along with the traditional 'Big Car' crashing and bashing. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or check out the track's Facebook page.

June 22, 2013 Yakima Speedway Results-

Hornets: Fast Time Jeff Ball 16.950 sec. B Dash: Gary Carpenter, Andy Stewart, Robert Patton, Eric Coble, Bailey Broers A Dash: James Norman, Cody Allen, Daniel Morfin, Jeff Ball, Tim Edris Main Event: Jeff Ball, James Norman, Bailey Broers, Tim Edris, Robert Patton, Andy Stewart, Gary Carpenter, Cody Allen, Eric Coble, Daniel Morfin
Bump To Pass: Fast Time Josh Aguirre 16.352 sec. B Dash: Donnie Stevens, Todd Nunn, Wes Heigh, Paul Townsend A Dash: Darrell Tidrick, Joe Stevens, Kellie Zacharias, Tacoda Rojas Main Event: Joe Stevens, Donnie Stevens, Darrell Tidrick, Wes Heigh, Tacoda Rojas, Timothy Sutton, Todd Nunn, Kellie Zacharias
Mini Stocks: Fast Time 33 Mike Valcich 24.501 sec. (New Track Record) B Dash: Owen Berglund, Ryan Scott, Ray Bolster A Dash: Mike Valcich, Josh Parmentier, Joshua Henne Main Event: Mike Valcich, Josh Parmentier, Joshua Henne, Owen Berglund, Ray Bolster, Ryan Scott
Pure Stocks: Fast Time Mike Denton 23.764 sec. B Dash: Peppie Rojas, Jack Anderson, Ron Hawkins A Dash: Chris Marang, Mike Denton, Mike Hill, Rob Allen Main Event: Chris Marang, Rob Allen, Mike Denton, Mike Hill, Jack Anderson, Peppie Rojas, Ron Hawkins
Hobby Sportsman: Fast Time Buck Noel Jr 23.083 sec. B Dash: Rick Hitchcock, Larry Norman Jr, Cody Denton, Chris Conduff, Trever Flora A Dash: Morgan Morrison, Buck Noel Jr, Chris Morrison, Don Klang Main Event: Buck Noel Jr. Morgan Morrison, Trevor Flora, Don Klang, Rick Hitchcock, Chris Conduff, Larry Norman Jr, Cody Denton, Chris Morrison


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