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Allen scores his first main event victory of the season at Yakima Speedway

June 12, 2013

For Immediate Release: Yakima Speedway Media Relations

Allen scores his first main event victory of the season at Yakima Speedway

YAKIMA, Wash. (June 8, 2013)-Rob Allen broke through for his first 2013 Pure Stock main event victory on Saturday night at Yakima Speedway. Last season's championship contender had been in search of a win since the season opening Apple Cup, which began a series of tough outings for the veteran driver.

Allen started his evening off with the third-best qualifying effort and then picked up a win in the A-Trophy dash. In the main event a determined John Raney and reigning division champion Chris Marang battled for the victory but in the end Allen's Chevrolet was stout enough to withstand the pressure.

The night's top qualifier in the division, Mike Denton, finished fourth with Peppie Rojas rounding out the top-5.

Randy Marshall Jr. made it a clean sweep of racing action in the Late Model Sportsman division as he posted the top qualifying time, picked up a win in the A-Trophy dash and covered the field for his first main event victory of the season.

Coy Rogers and Terry Cook rounded out the top-3 Late Model Sportsman finishers.

The Speedway's Hornet division has provided plenty of highlights in 2013 with new faces finding victory circle and veterans also battling for the checkered flag in the popular class.

Joshua Henne, a long-time supporter of the Hornet class, picked up the victory on Saturday night as he handled the pressure of Jesse Eaton and James Norman throughout the race. Tim Endris and Jeff Liebert also showed their cars had the ability to battle with the leaders as they captured fourth and fifth place respectively.

Peppie Rojas made the most of his opportunity to drive Josh Aguirre's Bump to Pass championship car as he defeated fast time winner Joe Stevens for the main event victory. Rojas, who replaced Aguirre for the main event, grabbed a lead he would not give up despite the pressure from Stevens in the closing laps.

Donnie Stevens, Kelli Zacharias andTacoda Rojas rounded out the top-5.

While Chris VanAmburg has been the talk of the Hobby Sportsman division with his stellar qualifying runs and main event victories, cagey veteran Mike Hill has been lurking in the field looking for his chance to grab the top spot in a main event to remind his competitors he can be a force on any given weekend.

Saturday was no different as VanAmburgnotched the top qualifying time but trailed Hill in the A-Trophy dash. During the main event VanAmburg was not a factor for the victory for the first time all season as new faces challenged for the checkered flag including Cody Denton, who won the B-Trophy dash and finished a strong third place just behind runner-up Morgan Morrison. Hill made the most of his opening lap sprint to the lead as he never looked back in claiming the victory.

Racing returns to Yakima Speedway on June 22 with action in the Mini-Stocks, Hornet, Bump to Pass, Sportsman and Pure Stock divisions. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or check out the track'sFacebook page.

June 8, 2013 Yakima Speedway Results-

Bump to Pass-

Fast Time- Joe Stevens 16.840-sec.

A-Dash- Josh Aguirre

B-Dash- Todd Nunn

Main Event-

Peppie Rojas

Joe Stevens

Donnie Stevens

Kellie Zacharias

Tacoda Rojas

Shannon Davis

Todd Nunn

Paul Townsend

Pure Stocks-

Fast Time- Mike Denton 23.900-sec.

A-Dash- Rob Allen

B-Dash- Vernon Margheim

Main Event-

Rob Allen

John Raney

Chris Marang

Mike Denton

Peppie Rojas

Derek Raptcheff

Vernon Margheim

Late Model Sportsman-

Fast Time- Randy Marshall Jr. 20.153-sec. (new track record)

A-Dash- Randy Marshall Jr.

Main Event-

Randy Marshall Jr.

Coy Rogers

Terry Cook

Tim Breshears


Fast Time- Joshua Henne 17.171-sec.

A Dash- James Norman

B-Dash- Jesse Eaton

Main Event-

Joshua Henne

Jesse Eaton

James Norman

Tim Edris

Jeff Liebert

Tim O'Dell

Cody Allen


Fast Time- Chris VanAmburg 23.131-sec.

A-Dash- Mike Hill

B-Dash- Cody Denton

Main Event-

Mike Hill

Morgan Morrison

Cody Denton

Don Klang

Larry Norman

Chris Morrison

Josh Reeves

Trevor Flora

Chris VanAmburg

Chris Conduff

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