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Steve Smith scores Rolling Thunder Bigs Rigs victory at Yakima Speedway

June 02, 2013

For Immediate Release: Yakima Speedway Media Relations

Steve Smith scores Rolling Thunder Bigs Rigs victory at Yakima Speedway
YAKIMA, Wash. (May 18, 2013)-Taking advantage of three-wide racing
Steve Smith powered his Rolling Thunder Big Rig to the lead and never
looked back in capturing the main event at Yakima Speedway.

Dave Barr and Scott Zahn worked the close racing action to their favor
as the pair rounded out the top-3 finishing positions as the traveling
series thrilled the capacity crowd.

Pure Stock racer, Mike Denton set a new track record in qualifying
then matched it with a third place finish in the A-Trophy dash and a
fourth place run in the night's main event. Mike Hill, a Speedway
vetean of many racing divisions, earned the night's checkered flag in
the main with defending champion Chris Marang and Rob Allen placing
second and third respectively.

Josh Aguirre had one of those night's a driver lives for as he swept
the results of the Bump to Pass division. Aguirre, the reigning
champion, set fast time, best Kellie Zacharias in the A-Trophy Dash
and went on to pass leader Tacoda Rojas just 12 laps into the main
event to cap a strong night at the famed half-mile.

Dennis Clouse, Todd Nunn and Paul Townsend rounded out the top-5
finishing positions.

Bailey Broers made the most of his Hornet when it mattered as the
B-Trophy Dash winner bested a strong field including 2012 champion,
Jeff Ball, for the main event victory. Ball spun early in the finale
but recovered for the runner-up finish with James Norman closing out
the top-3. Todd Nunn made the most of a rare start in the class for a
fourth place run with Tim Edris bringing home fifth.

Racing returns to Yakima Speedway on June 8 with action in the Late
Model Sportsman, Hornet, Bump to Pass, Sportsman and Pure Stock
divisons. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or check out the track's Facebook page.

June 1, 2013 Yakima Speedway Results-
Fast Time Jeff Ball 16.970 B Dash: Bailey Broers, Todd Nunn, Eric Coble, Larry Norman, Rodger Eaton
A Dash: Cody Allen, Jeff Ball, James Norman, Tim Edris
Main Event: Bailey Broers, Jeff Ball, James Norman, Todd Nunn, Tim
Edris, Cody Allen, Eric Coble, Merle Stiltner

Bump To Pass:
Fast Time Josh Aguirre 15.908
B Dash: Tacoda Rojas, Josh Reiners, Paul Townsend, Dennis Clouse
A Dash: Josh Aguirre, Kellie Zacharias, Todd Nunn, Shannan Davis
Main Event: Josh Aguirre, Tacoda Rojas, Dennis Clouse, Todd Nunn, Paul
Townsend, Josh Reiners, Kellie Zacharias, Shannan Davis

Pure Stocks:
Fast Time Mike Denton 23.561 New Track Record
B Dash: Bobby A Trujillo, Peppie Rojas, Jeff Liebert, Derek Raptcheff
A Dash: Mike Hill, Chris Marang, Rob Allen, Mike Denton, John Raney
Main Event: Mike Hill, Chris Marang, Rob Allen, Mike Denton, John
Raney, Bobby A. Trujillo, Derek Raptcheff, Peppie Rojas, Jeff Liebert

Rolling Thunder Big Rigs:
Fast Time: Mickey Iverson 25.442
B Dash: Tammi Rodstorm, Tom Rayton, Brian Wilson, Ricky Casebolt, John Nelson
A Dash: Mickey Iverson, Scott Zahn, Dave Barr, Steve Smith, Dustin Smith
Main Event: Steve Smith, Dave Barr, Scott Zahn, Mickey Iverson, Brian
Wilson, Ricky Casebolt, Tammi Rodstorm, John Nelson, Tom Rayton


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