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Marang and VanAmburg score third straight victories at Yakima Speedway

May 20, 2013

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Marang and VanAmburg score third straight victories at Yakima Speedway

YAKIMA, Wash. (May 18, 2013)-Chris Marang (Pure Stocks) and Chris VanAmburg (Sportsman) scored their third consecutive victories at Yakima Speedway during Saturday's racing action


Also netting main event wins were Kellie Zacharias (Bump to Pass), Josh Parmentier (Mini-Stocks) and Jeff Ball (Hornets).


Marang chased Jack Anderson, who set a new qualifying record, early leader Peppie Rojas and Mike Denton for the victory, Emerging as the race leader as lap 21 wrapped up, Marang cleared Denton for the victory as the defending class champion looked to extend his current points lead as he goes for two consecutive titles.


VanAmburg has been one of the hottest drivers at Yakima Speedway in 2013. Riding the momentum of his win in April's Apple Cup, the driver of the Terry Mullins-owned Chevrolet picked up his second checkered flag of the season on May 4 and bested Saturday's competition from time trials all the way to the victory in the main event. Jeff Stevenson, who set the qualifying record for the class only to have VanAmburg break when his turn came. VanAmburg moved past Stevenson in the late stages on the main event's final restart for the victory and continued lead atop the divison's points standings.


Ball used a last lap pass to claim the Hornet victory over a hard-charging James Norman with Bailey Broers rounding out the top-3.


Tim Hitchcock, who was last season's Pure Stock Rookie of the Year, made his first start of the season in the Mini-Stock division a memorable one as he broke the class qualifying record, won the night's trophy dash then battled eventual main event winner Parmentier and Joshua Henne to the end only to come up just shy in third place behind the pair of veterans.


Josh Aguirre earned the top spot in Bump to Pass qualifying while Todd Nunn was the night's trophy dash winner but it was Zacharias who picked up the biggest proze of all as he raced to a hard fought victory over the two with Joe Stevens and Paul Townsend rounding out the top-5.


Racing returns to Yakima Speedway on June 1 with the Rolling Thunder Big Rigs, Pure Stocks, Hornets and Bump to Pass divisions in action on the famed half-mile. For more information call 248-0647, log onto or check out the track's Facebook page.


May 18, 2013 Yakima Speedway Results-


Bump to Pass-

Fast Time- Josh Aguirre 16.278-sec.

Trophy Dash- Todd Nunn

Main Event-

Kellie Zacharias

Josh Aguirre

Todd Nunn

Joe Stevens

Paul Townsend

Tacoda Rojas


Pure Stocks-

Fast Time- Jack Anderson 23.595-sec. (new track record)

A-Dash- Rob Allen

B-Dash- Bobby Trujillo

Main Event-

Chris Marang

Jack Anderson

Mike Denton

Greg Stevenson

Peppie Rojas

Bobby Trujillo

Rob Allen

Derek Raptcheff



Fast Time- Tim Hitchcock 24.599-sec. (new track record)

A-Dash- Tim Hitchcock

Main Event-

Josh Parmentier

Joshua Henne

Tim Hitchcock

Owen Burgland

Josh Reiners

Casey Chambers



Fast Time- Nathan Voyles 17.641-sec.

A Dash- Jeff Ball

B-Dash- James Norman

Main Event-

Jeff Ball

James Norman

Bailey Broers

Cody Allen

Nathan Voyles



Fast Time- Chris VanAmburg 23.071-sec. (new track record)

A-Dash- Don Klang

B-Dash- Trevor Flora

Main Event-

Chris VanAmburg

Jeff Stevenson

Morgan Morrison

Trevor Flora

James Norman

Lucas Valdez

Chris Conduff

Don Klang

Cody Denton

Chris Morrison

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