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Five drivers labor to victory at Yakima Speedway

September 03, 2012

For Immediate Release: Yakima Speedway Media Relations Five drivers labor to victory at Yakima Speedway Yakima, WA (September 1, 2012)-

Fans at Yakima Speedway were treated to five division's of racing action with Garrett Evans, Lucas Valdez, Chris Marang, Josh Parmentier and Greg Gargett earning main event victories.

The one-night racing format kicked off the Labor Day weekend in the Yakima Valley with Evans capping the evening off with his victory in the Sun Country Inn 125. Evans challenged fast-time winner Mike Longton on a double-file restart near the race's midway point with the pair entering turn No. 1 door to door. Evans crept to a slight lead through the middle of the corner then called on the strength of his Bill Maropulos Racing Engines powerplant to zip past Longton down the back stretch. Taylor Riddle passed Longton two laps later for the runner-up position with Zach Moran catching Longton with 12 laps to go in the main event for the final podium spot.

 Burger Ranch Sportsman driver Lucas Valdez made his debut in the late model division and earned a win in the B-Trophy Dash and a sixth place finish in the 125-lap main event. Valdez run to a top-10 finish in the late model division came on the heels of a victory in the Sportsman 40-lap main event. While Buck Noel Jr. continues to lead the chase for the 2012 championship, Valdez's victory moves him to within striking distance of the title with one race remaining in the season. Noel earned a second-place finish on Saturday night and can claim the championship by running an incident-free race on September 15. Valdez will need to win that night's finale and see where things shake out for the title. Morgan Morrison, Don Klang and Kevin Bull rounded out the top-5 running order during Saturday's Sportsman main event.

 Josh Parmentier has been one of the hottest drivers in the Speedway Mini-Stock division since he made his mid-season debut. While Cody Denton has locked up the inaugural championship for the division Parmentier has made the most of his main event victories, including Saturday night, that he may be able to nab a top-5 finish in the final points standings. Jon Manka followed up his Mini-Stock win in the division's most recent main event with a second-place finish on Saturday night as he has matched Parmentier's success in the second-half of the season. AJ Rose, Jesse Eaton and Owen Berglund picked up the final top-5 position's during Saturday's 20-lap main event.

 Chris Marang top a big step towards the 2012 H&H Furniture Pure Stock championship as last season's Rookie of the Year bested the current ROTY points leader, Tim Hitchcock, for victory in the 30-lap main event. Marang has picked up multiple victories over the course of the season-Saturday's may prove to be the most important as his closest challenger to the title, Rob Allen, had his two-race win streak halted and with a third-place finish in the finale lost more ground to Marang for the championship. Hitchcock's runner-up finish moves him to within a handful of points of Allen's second-place position in the standings with one race to go in the season. The drive of the evening belong to Mike Denton who showed the strength of his Pure Stock Nova all night long, including a top-four qualifying run, as he wheeled his car to a fourth-place finish in the main event. Greg Stevenson also had a solid night as his fifth-place finish closed out the top-5 running order.

 Past CWI Security/EZ Credit Auto Sales champion, Greg Gargett, returned to Yakima Speedway and made the most of his night as the youngster earned a win in the division's A-Trophy Dash and dominated the 20-lap main event for the victory, Gargett, who had been working in Oregon for most of the season, should be a threat for his second consecutive victory in the championship race set for two weeks from Saturday.

 Yakima Speedway returns to action on September 15 with championship racing in the Sportsman, Mini-Stocks, Hornets, Bump to Pass and Pure Stocks divisions. Discount tickets for as low as $2 per seat are available for this event. For more information log onto or the tracks page on Facebook. Additional details are at the fingertips of race fans by calling the Speedway Hotline at (509) 248-0647.

 September 1, 2012 Yakima Speedway Results- CWI Security/EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornet Main Event 1) Greg Gargett 2) AJ Rose 3) Steve Hall 4) Paul Townsend 5) Bailey Broers 6) Robert Patton 7) James Sharpnack Fast Time- AJ Rose 17.131-sec. A Trophy Dash- Greg Gargett B Trophy Dash- Steve Hall H&H Furniture Pure Stocks Main Event 1) Chris Marang 2) Tim Hitchcock 3) Rob Allen 4) Mike Denton 5) Greg Stevenson 6) Tyson Ritcher 7) James Harris 8) Eric Coble 9) Kyle Wade 10) Peppie Rojas Fast Time- Rob Allen 23.936-sec. A-Trophy Dash- Tim Hitchcock B-Trophy Dash- Kyle Wade Speedway Mini-Stocks Main Event 1) Josh Parmentier 2) Jon Manka 3) AJ Rose 4) Jesse Eaton 5) Owen Berglund 6) Joshua Henne 7) David Knowles 8) Bobby Stewart Sr. 9) Joshua Reiners Fast Time- Josh Parmentier 25.049-sec. A-Trophy Dash- Josh Parmentier B-Trophy Dash- Owen Berglund Sun Country Inn 125 Late Model Main Event 1) Garrett Evans 2) Taylor Riddle 3) Zach Moran 4) Christopher Kalsch 5) Mike Longton 6) Lucas Valdez 7) Tom Babcock 8) Mitch Kleyn 9) JC Wofford 10) Brion Philley 11) Owen Riddle (DNS) Fast Time- Mike Longton 18.610-sec. A-Trophy Dash- Taylor Riddle B-Trophy Dash- Lucas Valdez Burger Sportsman Main Event 1) Lucas Valdez 2) Buck Noel Jr. 3) Morgan Morrison 4) Don Klang 5) Kevin Bull 6) Bill Benge 7) Larry Norman Jr. 8) John Rose 9) Derrick Denton Fast Time- Lucas Valdez 22.908-sec. A-Dash- John Rose B-Dash- Don Klang Ad feedback| AdChoices © 2012 Microsoft Terms Privacy About our ads Advertise Developers Help Center Feedback English

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